Well for starters, NO ONE wants a meaningless, stressful, unsatisfying life.

Actually I’ll caveat that – some people rather like to have something justifiably whinge worthy – heck we all enjoy it sometimes and hell we all know it can do wonders for creativity – just think of all those beautiful tragic love songs  (ooops yes self-admission there lol!)

But a long haul soiaree of this experience sucks arse and probably delivers you somewhere in the vicinity of ‘my life is over’, ‘please God take me now’, ‘why oh why oh WHY MEEEEEEEEEE’.

When the switch flips and you find yourself saying,

‘I want MORE fun, happiness, success and satisfaction in my life, work and relationships’,

…ah yes, you’re ready once more… it’s time to find your flow.

and when operating from your state of flowthis is the life you achieve 

and the good news is that EVERYONE has experienced this state of flow (I promise, even if just for teensy moments!)

The question is

Do you recognise it?  

Know how to access it?

And know how to maintain it?

Well, this is the work I do with clients…(so you’ll find heaps of advice in this site on that)

But here, we’re looking at the motivating reasons to find your flow and bin the misery

And here my dears are the benefits of being in flow:

  1. Purpose and Direction: the state of flow aligns you with your purpose, it creates clear direction, meaningful living and achievable goals.
  2. Relationships:  when you’re in your flow it affects those around you.  You are operating from a place of what is truly important to you, aligning your needs, values and desires.  You attract relationships that fit your flow – friendships,  romantic relationships, business partnerships.
  3. Clarity:  flow is clarity, your focus is crystallised, you know what has to be said or done.
  4. Performance: flow improves your performance, putting you in your ‘optimal zone’ – your natural talents come together, your skills are enhanced – be it in business, public speaking, teaching, learning, sports or artistic creativity.
  5. Productivity: the true kind of productivity where you actually achieve your goals – you produce quality instead of quantity.  In business, key projects are achieved, rather than shuffling paperwork, attending heaps of meetings and being a slave to email all day long.  As a writer or artist, you create 2 important and memorable pieces rather than 30 unimportant ones that your audience forget in 10 minutes.
  6. Learning and Development: flow puts you in a prime state for learning, absorbing and developing your skill sets and self.  Naturally flow demands that you seek new challenges and information to maintain this state, however, instead of struggle and drain it feels effortless and rewarding.
  7. Timelessness:  flow puts you in a state beyond time, it distorts your sense of time.  You feel so focused on the present that you lose track of time passing.
  8. Success:  when in flow you are at your personal optimum and also finely tuned to the world around you.  Opportunities come your way, you know how to respond and are able to respond.  Lasting and meaningful success is created here – in work, self and relationships.
  9. Synchronicity: in flow you’ll find that things just seem to appear at exactly the right time, an opportunity, wise and helpful words from the taxi driver, your kicked out of your flat and the next day get a call about an even better place.
  10. Motivation and Inspiration:  when in flow you motivation and inspiration  comes naturally.  You don’t need to fight to find it or push yourself…the motivation is just there because you’re doing what you want…and the inspiration drops into you.
  11. Serenity: flow takes you to your ‘centre’, a place of balance.  You go beyond self-consciousness and fears of failure.
  12. Happiness, Meaning & Satisfaction: flow requires that you are in optimal alignment with who you are, your skills, your values, desires and the world around you.  In this state even the seemingly mundane becomes fun and beautiful.
  13. Start from here:  being in flow means you are living in the moment, not the past, not the future.  You are free of fears and worries, you are in a state of knowing and trust, you are at your best…each…single…second.

Enjoy your flow 😉

And if you’re struggling to find the slip stream, get in touch.

Liv xXx