Morning Meditation

to ignite your essence & heal blockages... leaving you feeling alive and in your flow

28 days of live group calls

Suitable for beginners and those familiar with meditation and reflective work


As each day passes you'll become more and more connected to your inner self and experience greater ease, love and flow in your life.

If you've ever experienced the increased energetic impact of group meditation then you'll know how powerful it is.  Whoever has the highest vibration in the group becomes the set point for everyone else, helping them to also go deeper, wider and higher.

Each day will include a guided energy meditation, an interactive exercise and a suggestion for personal reflection / activity.

The meditations will build your ability for self healing and clearing debry from your past and daily experiences.

You will learn new ways to access your intuition, body wisdom and higher self.

You will align the world of your mind, body and spirit so that you feel grounded, centred and whole in yourself and in your life.

You will install and integrate frequencies that will assist in lifting you into the life your essence is ready to live

What would your life be like if you could tap into your core essence at any time and live from its expression?
What relationships would you attract or improve?
How would your work change?
What impact would it have on your lifestyle?

This is a powerful yet gentle... fun yet illuminating... cleansing yet healing... self-discovery to your deepest core.  Coming back out again into your life...  feeling clearer and lighter... with a heightend confidence of who you are... and deeper realisation of what you have to give... and what the world has to offer.

Finding your Essence

Being in the flow of your essence is like returning Home, where you feel free to be your authentic, multi-coloured self.

- understanding what disconnects you from your essence
- knowing how to inject a boost to your essence connection
- who are you and what's your essence?
- what are your gifts and what abilities do you have that you've not tapped into, discovered, or fully acknowledged?
- what and who blocks you from your essence?
- healing the blocks to your essence

Trust your Intuition

Gain simple, profound methods to access your intuitive guidance to bring you clarity, direction and support
Learn how to wholeheartedly know your intuitive guidance system as your GPS for life. This is the key for manifesting your soul gifts and strengths to co-create your life from your essence.

- develop your intuition
- distinguish between your intuition, wishful thinking, ego or fears
- unblock the fear keeping you from trusting and using your intuition
- ways to quiet mind chatter in order to hear your inner voice when you need guidance
- deepen your access to your heart-centred wisdom
- connect to your higher self and to source
- develop your inner guidance system
- gain insight into your life by using your intuition
- return to that confident state of being in command of your life

Unlock the Wisdom of your Body

Your body talks to you every day - are you listening?  Do you know how to hear what it is telling you?

you’ll tune into your body so that:
- you can find answers to issues in your life, health and relationships
- you can know what is right and wrong for you – including food, decisions and relationships
- find where your essence is flowing or blocked in your body
- you can become more happy and confident in your body
- you will be more grounded and centred

Align your Essence with your Life

Every single person has a unique soul and set of gifts, just as everyone has a unique face. Are you wanting to build a life on the authentic essence of who you are and what you have to give?

- feng shui clear-out - exploring what’s in your life currently and see what’s aligned and what’s not
- uncover your gifts and see where they can be used more in your life, work, relationships
- clearing out aspects of your life to make way for your essence to flow
- matching your friends and relationships to see which are aligned and supportive to your essence
- what changes feel appropriate to make to live in your essence with integrity
- build the bridge from your spiritual connection to you’re here and now life – and experience the wholesomeness of living from your heart and soul

28 days of essence - course outline

Foundational Practices

day 1) foundational practice 1: bringing source energy into your being, grounding into the earth for support

day 2) foundational practice 2: creating protection and expanding your energy into the universe for ultimate connectedness

day 3) foundational practice 3: inviting the energy, experiences and manifestations you want for your day and future
gratitude lists key here

day 4) foundational practice 4: meeting your body, hearing what it needs

day 5) foundational practice 5: meeting and integrating your higher self, your wisest self - what does it want you to know
allow higher self to step into your being - to fill you up

day 6) foundational practice 7: defining your essence values - integrating them into your core and radiating them out into the world, so you can recieve more of them

Installing key frequencies and expanding them into your being and out into your life

day 7) installing inner gps guidence system - knowing what's right and wrong for you with ease
yes and no signals - lighter, heavier

day 8) installing the frequencies of acceptance - of who you are and where you are at this point in time

day 9) installing frequency of support and nourishment

day 10) installing frequencies of trust

day 11) installing frequencies of love

day 12) installing compassion into your being, for self and others

Clearing the blocks to your essence and replacing them with their transformed energy

day 13) clearing energy blocks in your body
replacing with flow

day 14) clearing resistance
replacing with openness and possability

day 15) clearing doubt and indecision
replacing with clarity and self assurance

day 16) clearing feeling stuck
replacing with flow and direction

day 17) clearing fear of lack, change and growth
replacing with love, trust, abundance and self belief

day 18) clearing family blocks
replacing with being in control of own life

day 19) clearing relationship blocks
replacing with self love

day 20) clearing drama
replacing with inner satisfaction and wholeness

day 21) clearing lack of self worth
replacing with self confidence

day 22) clearing blame
replacing with self responsibility and higher power

day 23) clearing shame and guilt
replacing with empathy, forgiveness and self love

day 24) transforming jelousy
replacing with taking action of what you want

day 25) clearing clutter
making space for the new

Creating the life your essence wants

day 26) conversations with your heart and higher self - to discover the truth of what you want and need

day 27) essence manifestation - working with, not fighting against your inner cycle of manifestation

day 28) illumination of your essence in the world

Come join and share the vibration of a group who are all commited to living their truest self

Next Group

Mon 29 Feb - Sun 27 Mar 2016
Sat - Sun, 8.15 - 9am GMT

Mon 29 Feb - Wed 6th Apr 2016
Mon-Fri, 6.15 - 7am GMT
Sat and Sun - no live calls, self practices will be given

28 days of essence

28 days of essence, plus 1 private session (can be booked anytime within the course and up to 2 weeks after the course has ended)

28 days of essence, plus 2 private sessions (can be booked anytime within the course and up to 3 weeks after the course has ended)

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Why so early in the morning?!

Initially I thought of doing these groups in the evening.  Personal experience and listening to clients has resulted in setting these groups for early morning.  They are early enough that everyone can still get to work or to ask your partners to look after your children.
The added benefit of doing these meditations in the morning is that they have a huge impact on the rest of the day... they set the tone.
You'll also discover that you quickly develop more energy, alertness and aliveness in the mornings...

How do you prepare

It's worth having a dedicated notepad.

Feel free to fall out of bed, grab a coffee and dial in...

What if I miss a session, will they be recorded?

Yes, sessions will be recorded so you can listen if you've missed one, and also if you wish to repeat one.  It's highly recommended that you make each one live as it will generate momentum and also assist in creating a ritualised habit that you can continue on your own after the 28 days.

What happens after the 28 days?

You'll have shifted a lot of beliefs and energy in this time. Your pereception of life will change.  Your interaction and experience of life will also change.

Throughout the course you'll likely find an affinity to certain practices and I recommend that you continue with these in an ongoing basis.  As the 28 days are recorded I would also highly recommened repeating the course in your own time and own way to reinforce and experience new layers within you.

Do I need to have meditation experience?

Nope.  You'll be guided every step of the way.  Very good question, and whilst I’m a floor dweller I’ve come to realise that the rest of the world isn’t always quite so game for a whole day lol. So we’ll be on chairs 😉
There will be options and times that you can sit or lie on the floor so clothes that make this possible recommended.