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13 reasons why you’ll want to find your flow

Well for starters, NO ONE wants a meaningless, stressful, unsatisfying life.

Actually I’ll caveat that – some people rather like to have something justifiably whinge worthy – heck we all enjoy it sometimes and hell we all know it can do wonders for creativity – just think of all those beautiful tragic love songs  (ooops yes self-admission there lol!)

But a long haul soiaree of this experience sucks arse and probably delivers you somewhere in the vicinity of ‘my life is over’, ‘please God take me now’, ‘why oh why oh WHY MEEEEEEEEEE’.

When the switch flips and you find yourself saying,

‘I want MORE fun, happiness, success and satisfaction in my life, work and relationships’,

…ah yes, you’re ready once more… it’s time to find your flow. Continue reading

Why has your (very good) business hit a rut?

This is a classic dilemma.  You have a business or project.

The idea is great.  It feels great. You know it should be working.

And yet it’s not.

Something is stuck.  It’s not moving.  Cue the feeling of swimming against the stream, head banging against the wall and tumbles of hay drifting past as you watch with frustration.

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how to use body intuition to find answers (that will work)

Following the tingles may sound daft – but it’s an awesomely simple trick for staying on your path, getting clear, doing what’s right for you, feeling buzzily creative, super inspired AND leads to successful satisfying endeavors.


What you’ll need.

Some lightness.

Errrrr what?

Yup  trust me – follow this little step by step plan and see for yourself!

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How to spot who’s sucking you dry (and who will add something to your life)

 “WHO pulled the wind out my sails?”

Right then lovelies, if this phrase resonates read on – cos I’ve got a gem of an exercise that sorts it out.

To over simplfy things, there are two categories that your daily interactions fall into:

  • those that energise (whoop whoop!)
  • and those that draaaaaaain

If there’s too much drainage life can seriously begin to suck.

So let’s sort that out.

With a quick and simple to do exercise (always a selling point in my book) Continue reading

How to make decisions…when you can’t make a decision

Ever struggled making a decision?  Daft question…

Ever find yourself screaming to the heavens or despondently confiding in the bathroom mirror…

‘I just don’t know what to do?’

I’d imagine the answer is yes.

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Why addiction is not always bad for you

What do you do when you love something and the ‘world’ tells you ‘but you shouldn’t do that – it’s so baaaaad for you’?

Do you succomb and say ‘ok, you know best‘.

Or do you say ‘wait a second’  – which is a nice, polite and Buddhist bunny mindfullness alternative to the more commonly used ‘f*ck-off’  🙂  – my life, my needs, what’s actually right for me in this situ?

In this case I’ll chatting about coffee (but you could add ciggies, wine, ice-cream etc).  Because I love it.  And the world authority of health, nutrition and boring kill joys – say’s it’s bad to have more than 1 mug a day.

But you (I) love it.  And you (I) want to keep it in your life…but you’re also aware it’s kind of out of control!

Well rest easy I’m not going to tell you to give it up.

I don’t believe in quitting things you love…you just need to add some small measures to keep yourself serene and highly functional!

Check out my tips and thoughts below!

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Is there such a thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decision?

How on EARTH does one make the right decision?

This question opens a giant a bog-mire (if that’s even a word) of self doubt, angst and worry for most people (and yes moi is included 🙂 )

Three clients have spoken about this this week – in very different forms – and they fall into three rather classic categories – which in a flowery round about way can be described like this:

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