Personal Tuning

Perfect for specific issues you're wanting to resolve or for fine tunings to get you back into your alignment.

The session is designed to give you the space to verbalise what's going on and then have the time to be led deeply into your core to find the necessary healing, inner guidence or both.

During the session you'll be guided to expand and raise your energetic conscious vibration so that you can see, feel or hear your core essence.  This shift in consciousness will bring positive impact and change into the issue you've come with - be it your inner / outer life, work or relationships.

The beauty of this work is that it's based on self empowerment, which will be ingrained beyond this session and you'll be able to draw upon for other aspects of your life.

Instead of telling you answers, you will be brought into your own knowing where you will see it, feel it and hear it yourself... and learn how to more readily do this for yourself when alone.  Learning to connect to your essence, your inner wisdom - provides an unparalled compass for the many decisions you face every day.

What can you expect?

  • resolution of the presented issue
  • clarity and direction
  • more attuned to who you are
  • reconnect to the unique blend of you and feel free to express it
  • grounded, centred and supported
  • increased intuition & gut instinct
  • a positive shift in your energy / vibration
  • a feeling of embodied wisdom and self understanding

How to book

Please email me 3 dates and timeframes that suit you (for the first session only).

Sessions are in person or skype.  Booking confirmed when payment recieved.

1 x 60mins - £90

1 x 90 mins - £150

3 sessions - £300


"My session with you was the first time in the seven years I have lived in the UK, that I have felt able to speak freely from my heart. I am trying gather words to say how nice it was to meet you but as usual they fall short when you need them most..." 

Anil H, Entrepreneur and Business Owner


Thank you so much for the session today. I love speaking to you. It always frees something up inside me. 

Merit S


I've just been reflecting on our session about the self critic and now I have a better understanding of how to control it, thanks to you and yesterday's session.  Also I am very curious about my spiritual capabilities and path.  I defiantly want to fit some more sessions, as I feel we are really starting to delve deeper under the surface to the real interesting and possibly life changing. 

Bethany S


Thanks so much for last session, you really helped me. I especially loved the thing about waiting for the phone call/email and seeing the positive in that. That really helped as that is something that often cripples me.

M Stephanos


What if I thought I only needed a couple of sessions and I then realise there is much more I'd like to work on?

If this happens, you can choose to switch over to The Essence Path.  This session will be used as your first of that program and you can just pay the balance in cost.

 Cancellation and missed session policy

If you are unable to attend your appointment please let me know as soon as possible so we can rearrange. The required notice for cancellation is 48hrs.  Less than 48hrs notice, or missed appointments will be charged the full fee.  Exceptional circumstances are taken into account.