1 day workshop

that will bring you back into your essence & align you with the life you want

Next Workshop
Saturday 27th Feb 2016
10am - 5pm
Central London, UK (venue tbc)

 This expansive and in-depth workshop will give you a powerful and deep connection to your essence.

You will learn new ways to access your intuition, body wisdom and higher self - so that you can feel more aligned and centred with your true self.

Learn an energetic tool make decisions in your life with ease and clarity.

You will align the world of your mind, body and spirit so that you feel grounded, centred and whole in yourself and in your life.

What would your life be like if you could tap into your core essence at any time and live from its expression?
What relationships would you attract?
How would your work change?
What impact would it have on your lifestyle?

This is a fun and illuminating self-discovery to your deepest core. And back out again into life, with the realisation of who you are and what you have to give.

Because I work intuitively, the work I do is always adaptive to those I’m working with.

Feel free to email me when you sign up to the workshop with the areas that your most keen to explore / wanting to get out of the day – I’ve typically found that groups have a common theme.

However, the workshop will look something like this 😉

Finding your Essence

Being in the flow of your essence is like returning Home, where you feel free to be your authentic, multi-coloured self.

- understanding what disconnects you from your essence
- knowing how to inject a boost to your essence connection
- who are you and what's your essence?
- what are your gifts and what abilities do you have that you've not tapped into, discovered, or fully acknowledged?
- what and who blocks you from your essence?
- healing the blocks to your essence

Trust your Intuition

Gain simple, profound methods to access your intuitive guidance to bring you clarity, direction and support
Learn how to wholeheartedly know your intuitive guidance system as your GPS for life. This is the key for manifesting your soul gifts and strengths to co-create your life from your essence.

- develop your intuition
- distinguish between your intuition, wishful thinking, ego or fears
- unblock the fear keeping you from trusting and using your intuition
- ways to quiet mind chatter in order to hear your inner voice when you need guidance
- deepen your access to your heart-centred wisdom
- connect to your higher self and to source
- develop your inner guidance system
- gain insight into your life by using your intuition
- return to that confident state of being in command of your life

Unlock the Wisdom of your Body

Your body talks to you every day - are you listening?  Do you know how to hear what it is telling you?

we’ll tune into your body so that:
- you can find answers to issues in your life, health and relationships
- you can know what is right and wrong for you – including food, decisions and relationships
- find where your essence is flowing or blocked in your body
- you can become more happy and confident in your body
- you will be more grounded and centred

Align your Essence with your Life

Every single person has a unique soul and set of gifts, just as everyone has a unique face. Are you wanting to build a life on the authentic essence of who you are and what you have to give?

- feng shui clear-out - exploring what’s in your life currently and see what’s aligned and what’s not
- uncover your gifts and see where they can be used more in your life, work, relationships
- clearing out aspects of your life to make way for your essence to flow
- matching your friends and relationships to see which are aligned and supportive to your essence
- what changes feel appropriate to make to live in your essence with integrity
- build the bridge from your spiritual connection to you’re here and now life – and experience the wholesomeness of living from your heart and soul

Through the course of the day we’ll look at how to consciously choose to live from your highest expression and have a life wonderfully aligned to your uniqueness.

There is nothing greater than feeling seen and understood for who you are so you can radiate yourself out into your life.

Come join and experience true connections with others who are on the same page!



What to bring?

Notepad, pen, colouring pens if you have them. I’ll bring spares too.

Will we be sitting on chairs or on the floor?

Very good question, and whilst I’m a floor dweller I’ve come to realise that the rest of the world isn’t always quite so game for a whole day lol. So we’ll be on chairs 😉
There will be options and times that you can sit or lie on the floor so clothes that make this possible recommended.

What to wear?

Given the workshop is about finding your essence, I invite you to pick something that reflects your essence that day. So if on the day you’re feeling like a peacock, a tramp or a nun I say go with that… basically whatever makes you feel good.
Given there will 99% likely be some movement exercises, please bring something baggy or stretchy that you can change into.

Will there be biscuit breaks?



Saturday 27th Feb 2016
10am - 5pm
Central London, UK (venue tbc)