What do you do when you love something and the ‘world’ tells you ‘but you shouldn’t do that – it’s so baaaaad for you’?

Do you succomb and say ‘ok, you know best‘.

Or do you say ‘wait a second’  – which is a nice, polite and Buddhist bunny mindfullness alternative to the more commonly used ‘f*ck-off’  🙂  – my life, my needs, what’s actually right for me in this situ?

In this case I’ll chatting about coffee (but you could add ciggies, wine, ice-cream etc).  Because I love it.  And the world authority of health, nutrition and boring kill joys – say’s it’s bad to have more than 1 mug a day.

But you (I) love it.  And you (I) want to keep it in your life…but you’re also aware it’s kind of out of control!

Well rest easy I’m not going to tell you to give it up.

I don’t believe in quitting things you love…you just need to add some small measures to keep yourself serene and highly functional!

Check out my tips and thoughts below!

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