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how to use body intuition to find answers (that will work)

Following the tingles may sound daft – but it’s an awesomely simple trick for staying on your path, getting clear, doing what’s right for you, feeling buzzily creative, super inspired AND leads to successful satisfying endeavors.


What you’ll need.

Some lightness.

Errrrr what?

Yup  trust me – follow this little step by step plan and see for yourself!

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How to make decisions…when you can’t make a decision

Ever struggled making a decision?  Daft question…

Ever find yourself screaming to the heavens or despondently confiding in the bathroom mirror…

‘I just don’t know what to do?’

I’d imagine the answer is yes.

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Is there such a thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decision?

How on EARTH does one make the right decision?

This question opens a giant a bog-mire (if that’s even a word) of self doubt, angst and worry for most people (and yes moi is included 🙂 )

Three clients have spoken about this this week – in very different forms – and they fall into three rather classic categories – which in a flowery round about way can be described like this:

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