Personal Journey

A powerful transformation program to bring you into full alignment with your true self - so you can live a life of meaning and purpose that's led from your heart.  The experience is uniquely tailored to You. Your needs. Your questions.

min of 3 months
in person and / or skype
email contact
bespoke essence practices
starting from £1400

The depth and commitment of this work means I only work with a limited number of people at any one time.
Length of programme discussed in initial consultation .

The Essence Path is for those who are led by their hearts and want to live their higher purpose.  It is for those who want to be authentically themselves, experience meaning and satisfaction in their lives.  It is for those who want to share their gifts in service to their families, communities or the world as a whole.

The uniqueness of this program is how it embraces the holistic 360 spectrum of intelligences and resources within you.  You will go beyond the limitations of your thoughts and mind, developing and more fully trusting your intuition, instincts, body wisdom, heart and soul.

You will uncover the intrinsic aspects of your true identity… even if parts of you have been so covered up that you’d lost touch with them or lost faith in them.

The more you develop your full resourses, uncover your true self, and heal the blocks preventing you from expressing your core identity... the easier it will become to create and experience a life that is truly aligned with your heart and values.

The lasting success and fulfillment you gain from your lifestyle, work or relationship will come from how aligned you are to it.  Which is why I'll help you find your true alignment instead of forcing changes - it's also much more meaningful and fun this way.

One of the most incredible benefits of this style of work is that no matter what area you’re delving into, you’ll experience positive impacts and changes in many many more areas.  As you expand your consciousness you will positively impact your experience of self, relationships, lifestyle and work.


How will I work with you?

Throughout each session I'll intuitively tune into you and your needs - always feeding this back to you for your agreement.

Instead of telling you answers, I'll help guide you into your own knowing through raising your energetic conscious vibration so that you can see, feel or hear your core essence - and get clarity or transformation on the issue at hand.

Each time you do this you'll learn how to more readily do this for yourself when alone - it's a beautiful practice.

These sessions are based upon equipping you with effective tools that can confidently be used by yourself outside of session. If there's a problem, then a skill, belief or vibration is either missing, or present and not helping.

This is experiential work, designed to ingrain you with new skills and inner knowing so that you become more self reliant and able to deal with each new twist and turn in your life. 


What can you expect?

  • feel connected to your core being
  • alignment of who you are - mind, body, spirit, heart, gut instinct, consciousness, intuition...
  • develment of your innate gifts - e.g intuition, empath, creativity, sensitivity, compassion,
  • raise your consciousness and self awareness
  • more resilient
  • more able to make choices and decisions that feel right for you
  • understand and enjoy your unique blend of you - wild, sensitive, sexual, creative, strategic, nurturing...
  • increase your connection to your higher self and inner wisdom
  • know how to manage situations in your life / business / relationships - drawing on your own inner wisdom
  • move from dissociation to being firmly grounded, centered and connected to your body
  • living with more meaning and purpose
  • know how to access your essence more easily for all areas in your life, work and relationships
  • heal trauma that is blocking you from how you want to live your life
  • release energy and thought patterns aren't yours back to their owners
  • learn what causes you stress and anxiety and how to release it
  • find your passions and purpose
  • understand why somethings not working...and know what to do / not do about it
  • knowledge of your values and how they can drive you
  • find your flow
  • improved quality of your relationships
  • be drawn to what is good for you and be more aware of what no longer fits
  • increased confidence in your self
  • increased motivation to do what you want.


As you can already tell, this is not looking at your path from afar - it's about totally aligning who you are, with what you do - with integrity and the truth of your highest consciousness.  It's about deep illuminating inner work - going within and radiating your core essence back into the world, your work and your relationships.

This journey is focused on two aspects - your relationship to yourself, and your relationship to the world outside of you (work, friends, love).  We will always start with you and your inner world - because everything you create is an outflowing expression of who you are.

You will integrate the profound discoveries of who you are in a practical down to earth way in which they can be part of your life and enrich your life. Along the way healing will occur.  You will come back to wholeness and live the life you were born to live.

My intention is to upskill you in your own resources and wisdom... to connect you to the wide consciousness available to you, so that you can independently live your life.  When you connect to the highest and deepest wisdom available to you you'll feel a shift... you'll experience a connection so great that you expand beyond yourself and feel renewed, invigorated, confident, hopeful, connected and centred.  Your means of connecting to this universal energy and the essence within you is unique.  I will help you find your connection and help you develop it so that it's more available and more powerful.

Learning to connect to your essence, your inner wisdom, your higher self - provides an unparalled compass for the many decisions you face every day.

Questions you may have

What are the personalised exercises? And will they be a chore?

During each session I’ll be tuning into you and listening with all my senses. Intuition and creativity are two of my primary intelligence modes and I’ll be drawing these along with the hundreds of books, courses and trainings I’ve studied to craft and suggest something that feels appropriate for you – either to solidify what we’ve been working on or to further explore it in your own time. It may be a simple question to reflect on, an energy assignment to do on your commute, or a piece of art to create…

Do I need to be spiritual or believe in god?

Nope. I work with your believes. I believe in a lot of things, and I’ve found a lot of overlap between religions, quantam physics and the estoteric.  Being open minded is a prerequisite... however if you're still reading my guess is that's not an issue!


How to book

The depth and commitment of this work means I only work with a limited number of people at any one time. 

If you're drawn to this journey then please get in touch for a free 15min consultation.  We will check if you're a good match for this programme, if the resonance is there for us to work together and also to feel out the appropriate length of programme for you.

When you get in touch please jot down your response to the following questions:

What's attracting you to The Essence Path?

What do you hope to get from the programme?

What's the biggest block to your essence at the moment?

I look forward to hearing from you


 Cancellation and missed session policy

If you are unable to attend your appointment please let me know as soon as possible so we can rearrange. The required notice for cancellation is 48hrs.  Less than 48hrs notice, or missed appointments will be charged the full fee.  Exceptional circumstances are taken into account.