Ready to rediscover your core essence?

 As journey's go, this will be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you will give yourself.

The sessions are intuitive and tailored to you. The approach combines Eastern and Western techniques - creating an effective way to access the unique part of you to make lasting changes for improved purpose and wellbeing.

Tap into your innate gifts and discover others that have been buried away.

Clear and heal whats blocking you from living your authentic self.

Increase your energy and sense of aliveness.

Discover your inner guidence system for making decisions with ease.

Trust your vibes and intuition.

Expand your true self into the world.


Personal Journey

A powerful transformation program to bring you into full alignment with your true self - so you can live a life of meaning and purpose that's led from your heart.  The experience is uniquely tailored to You. Your needs. Your questions.

min of 3 months
in person and / or skype
email contact
bespoke essence practices
starting from £1400

The depth and commitment of this work means I only work with a limited number of people at any one time.
Length of programme discussed in initial consultation .
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Personal Tuning

Perfect for specific issues you're wanting to resolve or for fine tunings to get you back into your alignment

3 sessions
in person and/or skype
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Are you ready to be completely truthful with yourself?

When you dive deeply into your core the rewards you will gain in your self, relationships and work will be huge.

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